Collective of creative thinkers and doers working together to make fleet-on-the-ground unique creations a reality.

Each project provides a blank canvas, a nub of an idea to shape and develop, helping to tell a story, bringing our clients concept to life.

We take pride in working together with our clients, forming true partnerships, through a highly collaborative process of unparalleled design solutions that will yeld emotive, funtional, human-conscious, beautifully designed interiors.


Concep Creation
Commercial Interiors
Architecture Project
       Ambiance Communication
Point of Sale



Brand Creation  
Product Promotion  
Infographics and Ilustration  
Corporate Presentations


Furniture and Lighting  
Signage and Display  
Visual Environment  
Digitale Menuboards  
Digital Billboard Structure

Ricardo Diogo - WDL Partner and Head Design

Ricardo Diogo
Partner and Head of Design                                 

Tânia Belo - WDL Project Manager and Senior Graphic Designer

Tânia Belo
Project Manager and Sr. Graphic Designer           

Filipe Pontes - WDL Production Manager

Filipe Pontes
Production Manager                                       

Ana Bernardo - WDL Senior Graphic Designer

Ana Bernardo
Senior Graphic Designer                                  

Tomás Oliveira - Graphic Designer

Tomás Oliveira
Graphic Designer                                              

Raquel Paulino - WDL Interior and Product Designer

Raquel Paulino
Interior and Product Designer                        

Sandra Freitas - WDL Account and H.R Administrator

Sandra Freitas
Account & H.R. Administrator                        

Gil Prazeres - WDL Digital Marketeer

Gil Prazeres
Digital Marketeer and Copy                                    

José Xavier - WDL Assembler

José Xavier

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