The Club

London Pub

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Humberto Delgado Airport, Lisboa

Sports Bar



WDL - Brand & Retail

WDL - Brand & Retail 

 "The Club - London Pub" is a concept that arises from the challenge proposed by the ANA - Aeroporto de Portugal management in creating a niche of difference in an airport environment, which combines the rich food aspect with international and varied beers, always focusing on sporting events as entertainment of choice.

The project was conceived from the ground up by our design studio, responsible for the creation of The Club brand and for the treatment of its entire identity, such as the attribution of the name and signature, as well as the design of the logo.

In addition to branding, WDL demonstrated its architectural and interior design approach, in the design of the restaurants space and environment.

In collaboration with the client, was developed a space that allows the Anglo-Saxon spirit of an English pub to coexist in the same place, combined with a distinct and refined atmosphere, similar to the surrounding commercial spaces. The aim is to provide a premium experience at an affordable price. 

The conception of this concept focuses on creating a unique modern space, with roots in the traditional, sophisticated and welcoming, without falling into the mimicry of the traditional pub concept.


The space has a sober but original architecture, where functionality and the technological component coexist and assume a relevant role in the empathy of passengers, to enter this space, and thus enhance their desire for consumption.

The "The Club concept is based on 3 main pillars: beer, an highly appreciated drink by the Anglo-Saxon target audience; gastronomy, with a concern to offer a variety of different combined flavors, without forgetting traditional British dishes such as fish & chips and English breakfast; and sport, a characteristic inherent in a pub. 

The association with sport is essential for the experience of a pub, because of that, several screens were distributed throughout the space, either next to the counter, or on the tables, which transmit the most varied sporting events.

In order to better communicate the whole restaurant concept, WDL has developed employee uniforms, menus, clipboards, individuals, advertising, siding, and wall communication, all in accordance with the visual identity of the brand.

In the identity creation, the concept was given the name "The Club", which combines two words in an pleasant and easy way to sound and pronounce to the point of being able to aspire to be retained in your memory.

The signature - London Pub - was also chosen with the ambition of generating immediate identification of the space.

The project includes different areas that, although harmonized as a whole, can be defined separately: the daily products area, the bar counter, the niche, the lounge area and the technical / kitchen area.

For this, the development of the space consists of the comfort provided by the careful distribution of the lighting elements, by their intensity and tone, by the inclusion of innovative furniture, paying special attention to ergonomics, comfort, maintenance and durability. 

The intention was to harmonize the colors palette, materials and decorative elements, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, but at the same time sophisticated and contemporary. It it important to mention the inclusion of medium-sized plants as scenic elements, properly framed that reinforce the experience that is intended to be transmitted. 

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