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WDL - Brand & Retail

WDL - Brand & Retail 

WDL was involved in the development of Padaria do Bairro from the beginning, having been the team responsible for the branding and communication of the project.

In this sense, our team was invited to collaborate in the development of the new space of Padaria do Bairro for the Carcavelos Campus of NOVA SBE University.

It is a bakery that offers several unique flavors and qualities of its own, concerned with a healthy lifestyle by rethinking and updating the traditional pastry formulas and their ingredients, in order to reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat.

The brand's concept is to convey, as the name implies, the spirit of a bakery in the Lisbon neighborhood, combined with the sophistication and modernity of technologies. This combination of the traditional and the modern provides customers with a premium experience at an affordable price. 


In this NOVA SBE University space, Padaria do Bairro intends to invite you to pause and socialize, in the comfort and relaxation of a typical family bakery, adapted to the needs and dynamic pace of a renowned educational institution like the one that will operate on the new Campus of Carcavelos.

The landscape integration of the space and its privileged view, where the culture and well-being associated with the beach and the sea, extend and personalize a unique, harmonious and dynamic environment, where the body and mind are fed. 

Padaria do Bairro NOVA SBE, Photographies and 3D simulations

With regard to identity, the name 'Padaria do Bairro' appears, which translates into a simple, striking, familiar and easy-to-pronounce sound. It is also evocative of the trust, proximity and quality of the typical Bakeries of the Lisbon neighborhoods.

The entire graphic universe seeks an indelible integration in space, with concerns of uniting and transporting micro notes from traditional and vintage to modernity. The rustic and the new, side by side, coexisting in an original, fresh and comfortable integration, translating into warm but soft tones, serving as an environment for the strength and simplicity of neutral elements (ex: black on beige).

Our design studio was involved in the creation of the communication line of Padaria do Bairro, by developing a wide range of communication pieces for all brand bakeries, such as frames, stickers, flyers, slates, totems, menus, labels, communication supports, clipboards, uniforms, signboards, vehicle design, board carts and vending machines, shop windows, menu boards, pricing, packaging, windshield, napkins, individuals, bags, sachets, signs, displays, cup sleeves, baskets, boxes, plates, and vinyl production and application.


Regarding the conception of the space, it has been reinterpreted so that it fits into the philosophy of the Carcavelos Campus, namely in the creation of different areas that are characterized by a warm and comfortable environment, which promotes the collaborative meeting between students, teachers, companies and the community. 

The common criteria to all areas of the project are functionality and comfort, thought out with great care.

Comfort is provided by the careful distribution of lighting elements, by their intensity and tone, by the inclusion of ergonomic, comfortable furniture and materials and finishes that are easy to maintain and high durability.

The intention was to harmonize the palette of colors, materials and decorative elements creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, but at the same time sophisticated and contemporary. It is important to mention the inclusion of medium-sized plants as scenic elements properly framed  that reinforce the experience that is intended to be transmitted. 


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