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WDL. Brand & Retail

WDL. Brand & Retail

  At the NOVA SBE University invitation, in collaboration with our client, a new concept was developed by our design studio for the 3rd floor of the Carcavelos Campus. 

The project included the definition of all facets of the new concept, in which WDL was responsible for the branding process, by treating the entire visual identity of the Azure brand, as well as its name and logo, the design of the environment and the development of the entire restaurant communication line. 

The concept presents itself as a prestigious restaurant, which conveys the union between contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and a sea environment, with a privileged panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean, all in a rich, modern and relaxing environment. 

This concept realization has focused on creating a unique, classic space, with a contemporary personality and soul, with roots in the maritime theme and beach lifestyle, while being refined and welcoming.

This space was designed so that visitors can enjoy a remarkable experience, taking advantage of the scenic value of the privileged location, which retains a marked importance in this space. 

In addition to its geographical richness, the restaurant also has a number of characteristics such as the extensive wine list, both national and international, the quality of its dishes and the diversification and rotation of the available flavors, which together are an asset that invite new gastronomic experiences. 

When building the Identity, the name Azure was chosen because it is a shade of blue comparable to the color of the sky on a clear and bright day, the so-called sky blue. The etymology of the word "azure" comes from Persian, which refers to the location of the main source of lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone with an intense blue color.

The identity has a visual impact associated with a maritime references, such as the color blue, which reflects tranquility, serenity and harmony; in conjunction with the seabed textures, scales and waves.

To convey the sobriety wanted, but without overlapping the other maritime elements of the Azure identity, a simple logo was developed, with only typography, also inspired by the main asset of the space, its geographical position and prestigious view of the Atlantic Ocean.

In accordance with the characteristic elements of the identity and with the aim of promoting the Azure brand and its products, WDL developed the restaurant's communication line, by producing and implementing its business cards, slates, menus, flyers, posters and vinyls.

Regarding the architectural and environmental project, in the space conception and interior design, the aromatic approach also falls on the influence of the Atlantic Ocean as a prominent element, assuming the cool and low saturated tones of gray, pale blue or dark greenish blue. 

In order to present a space that conveys a sense of harmony, noble and robust materials were selected, with inviting and high quality textures, with markedly sober and elegant characteristics, managing to create a pleasant and sophisticated environment that refers to a contemporary and sophisticated architecture.

The organization of spatial components, equipment and furniture excels in simplicity and fluidity, striking characteristics evidenced by the combination of light colors, natural woods, combined with the predominant color in the space, intense blue. A rich and saturated color that, due to its characteristics, and in harmony with noble materials, such as copper and marble, shows refinement and elegance.